Kaye Fierch

Pixie with attitude

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Physical Appearance

In her usual glamoured form, Kaye has the appearance of a regular Asian-American girl, with one exception, she's blonde. Her hair is usually unkempt and she's of average height. She's slender and tends to look a lot younger without the layers of make-up she sometimes wears.

Without her glamour, her true pixie self shines through. Her skin is tinged with a forest green and she smells of wildness, wind and mossy leaves. Her eyes are all black with a pinprick of light, like a bird's pupil, you can see yourself reflected in them. Kaye's hair is green I have decided. In both fanart and the book there is no concrete evidence to state that it changes color, but it's easier to photoshop that way. Her fingers are long and fluid, with four joints and she has wings, which she can use to fly.

Canon: In relation to canon worked through see here.


Kaye is as changeable as the wind and as Fay as her own people. In one moment she can seem like a usual teenage girl, cursing and laughing. The next, she could be quiet, strange and speaking things that would make the mad seem sane. Gothic, light-hearted, jealous and uncaring all at once, she is a complete enigma of a girl.

Special Powers

She can glamour herself to look like most person shaped things. She can also glamour objects to make them seem like something else or make an object appear to be there when it isn't. She can influence humans with her magic, if she chooses to do so. A lot of her true powers are unknown, as of yet. If your pup has the sight, or is highly magical, they may be able to see-through this glamour.

Kaye Fierch is from Tithe, and is the property of Holly Black. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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